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ED600PV is a solar MPPT based inverter, used to drive pumps which provide water in remote areas where grid power is not available. It operates at high-voltage DC power source such as PV solar panels. This is an environment-friendly and economical product which replaces water storage with electric storage and need no battery strings. The DC power generated from solar modules is feed to inverter and then converted into AC power to drive the water pumps directly; in addition, the output frequency is adjustable in real time according to variation in sunlight intensity.

Why Solar Power ?

There are several areas around globe where the electricity is not reliable or is unavailable in many cases these areas are hot and dry, so it is necessary to obtain clean water for drinking or irrigation. Meanwhile solar panels are become less expensive and there are more useful applications for them ED600PV solar drive system is designed to effectively use that energy.

EDP600PV Technical Data

EP660PV Wiring Diagram