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ED600-SP is the inverter specially developed and designed to meet the applications and control requirements of ring spinning frame industry and it can used widely in the applications of ring frame.

Dedicated inverters, with the special industry and various faults protection functions, to facilitate the products operation in the application. After the transformation of inverters, the product yield and quantity of the ring spinning frames can be improved rapidly and the effect of energy saving is obvious.

Special functions for ring spinning frame Stable operation at the starting, no motor vibration Over temperature protection for the textile industry, with independent air duct and good ventilation, long-term and reliable running at high temperature Standard C3 filters, high reliability and less interference Simple PLC Continuous transformation, Keyboard reset, run time display Features, Effect analysis of the application after the transformation Improve the production efficiency and product quality, The frequency and length of the yarn can be set according to the customers needs, The operation efficiency can be improved with the increasing of 5%~10%; after the actual test, the end breakage rate is reduced greatly Energy saving and high reliability Save 10%~ 20% power energy than using the double speed motors; unique air duct design enhances the inverter cooling and reliability Wide speed regulation and convenient maintenance Less errors and convenient maintenance after proper setting; the speed regulation range is wider than the power frequency of 50Hz and up to 400Hz.

ED600-SP inverter can drives the motor run at various spinning speed. The operation of principal axis is stable without any motor vibration, meeting the site needs of ring spinning frame applications. The type designation contains information on the inverter. The user can find the type designation on the type

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