CHV170 (2.2~560KW)

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vfd, CHV170 series special frequency inverter for tension control application

Product Description:

3 phase 380V/415V/440V/460V/480V/525V±15% 2.2kW~560kW

 Sensorless torque control mode combine with precise rolling diameter and auto torque compensation algorithm.
 Built-in speed+torque control mode to reduce tension fluctuation.
 Simatic platform
 Built in multifunction to simplify system, reduce cost, and improve reliability
 Multi levels speed synchronous function
 Speed difference or pressure sensor feedback synchronous rolling winding control
 Free PID function for constant tension control and constant line speed control
 Multi drivers with load balance function.
 Constant line speed rerolling control without external control circuit.
 Pre-drive, tension taper rolling control function.
 Easy parameters setting, Built-in fixed simatic and parameters.
 Logical terminals output warning for analog input and internal process value
 Transistor output PLC to modify the parameters of inverter.
 Each analog input can modify the parameters of inverters, no need communication.
 Continuous annealing function.
 Built in Wire twisting machine control function
 Drawbench function withouy PLC.
 Zero position transfering function. Up/down function , On/Off function, Taper control and braking function module built in.
Typical application:
Printing, Paper, Chemical fiber, Packing


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